About Us

We are a leader in eco-filtration in Canada, developing state-of-the-art solutions to solve environmental problems in our waters. 

The Green Oil Mission

Create a healthier planet as the leader in eco-filtration. 

  • 2017Green Oil Solutions Was Founded

    In 2017, 3 Eastern Canadians had the vision to create a business that would extend the useful life of heavy equipment lube oils and drastically reduce oil changes. We developed a solution to clean stored diesel fuel, furnace oil and lubricating oils that became contaminated and would normally be disposed of.   
  • 2018Our Fishermen Customer Bases Grows

    As our service business grew, our largest customer base was commercial fishers whose fuel is subjected to the worst conditions. Long-term storage between seasons and exposure to water. The more time we spent cleaning fuel on boats the more we realized there is a much bigger problem that was being overlooked.
  • 2019An Important Problem is Discovered

    Water from rain, waves, hauling pots, nets, etc., accumulates in the bilge (lowest part of the boat) and is pumped overboard by a bilge pump. The bilge often shares its space with the engine, fuel lines and hydraulic oil tanks. When these sources inevitably leak, those hydrocarbons mix with the bilge water and are often discharged overboard.
  • 2021Working Towards A Solution

    In 2021, we participated in a government-sponsored pilot project to determine the extent of this contamination and were shocked to learn that the average boat's bilge water contamination was more than 1300 ppm, nearly 100 X the legal limit (the legal limit is 15 ppm). We figured, we were already successfully removing water from fuel so why not remove fuel from the water! We reached out to a company that was instrumental in the BP oil spill cleanup in 2010 and after a few brainstorming sessions with their engineers, we developed a continuous bilge water filtration system.
  • 2021Our Bilge Filter System is Born

    The Green Oil Solutions Bilge Filter System is launched and being installed on boats across the country. Our filter will reduce oily water discharge to below 5 ppm before it is discharged overboard. Greenoil is currently working on other green technologies to help create a healthier planet and become the leader in eco-filtration

Meet Our Team

Bilge Water Contamination Project

To prove the effectiveness of our Bilge Filter Systems, we conducted a study with 44 different vessels. We tested the contaminants before applying our filter and after. 

In the chart below, you can see the grey bars are the before amounts, and green is the amounts after installation. 

Our system is proven to reduce the contaminants going back into our water systems, creating cleaner waters and healthier fisheries.